Our Successful Debut at NAMPO Harvest Day

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Ag Aviation Africa (AAA) Celebrates Successful Debut at NAMPO Harvest Day

Bothaville – NAMPO Harvest Day, organised by Grain South Africa, was held at NAMPO Park from the 16th – 19th of May 2023. This annual event is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

With an impressive history spanning several decades, NAMPO has become a prominent platform for showcasing the latest advancements in the agricultural sector. The theme of this year’s event was “Agriculture Innovated” and NAMPO organisers promised a showcase of agriculture’s latest trends, technology, machinery, innovations, and productivity solutions.

According to Dirk Strydom, Grain SA’s NAMPO, Marketing & Research Lead, “NAMPO plays an important role in developing the agricultural sector by providing a successful environment for business and producers to interact and do business.”

This unique and ever-growing agricultural event featured over 823 exhibitors this year, including, leading manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers in the agricultural industry. It provided a one-stop platform bringing together agricultural enthusiasts, farmers, and industry professionals from around the world.


On Tuesday 16th May, the first day of the event, NAMPO Park was abuzz with excitement as a multitude of visitors eagerly streamed in from the early hours of the morning. The park’s own airstrip witnessed a remarkable surge in private and charter flights, with over 200 planes and 75 helicopters touching down throughout the week. This substantial influx of air traffic brought attendees from far and wide, adding to the event’s diverse and widespread attendance.

It was Ag Aviation Africa’s inaugural participation at NAMPO Harvest Day, and we were delighted to be a part of this prestigious event. We were proud to partner with Century Avionics and Absolute Aviation in sponsoring the official NAMPO Airport Terminal.

Throughout the event, our dedicated team members were stationed at the airport terminal, warmly welcoming visitors arriving via private aircraft or helicopter. As guests touched down, they were ushered into a comfortable lounge area, where they were served freshly brewed coffee and were able to engage in insightful discussions with our company representatives, who were showcasing all of our latest products and service offerings.

The lounge setup proved highly beneficial for fostering numerous productive business-to-business meetings, allowing for stronger connections and the nurturing of new and existing professional relationships. It also served as an optimal platform for networking with suppliers, industry experts, as well as our many loyal clients.

Furthermore, we had the privilege of enhancing our presence with a captivating Air Tractor Aircraft static display. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Johann Claasen, of Johann Claasen Boerdery, and his skilled pilot, Cornel Jansen van Rensburg, for orchestrating this inspiring aircraft showcase.

The Air Tractor display provided visitors with an immersive experience, instilling a profound appreciation for agricultural aviation and its significant impact on society. Visitors also had the rare opportunity to closely inspect the aircraft’s intricate components, gaining valuable insights into its advanced functionality and technology.

The display particularly resonated with students, aviation enthusiasts, and individuals aspiring to pursue careers in aviation, serving as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation to explore opportunities within the aviation industry.

Inside NAMPO Park itself, visitors were treated to a wide range of exhibits, demonstrations, livestock displays, and educational and networking opportunities. They were also able to explore a wide variety of products and services, ranging from cutting-edge agricultural equipment to fertilizers, seeds, irrigation systems, and outdoor apparel, amongst others.

NAMPO also hosted a series of seminars and workshops presented by industry experts, covering a broad range of topics such as precision farming, sustainable agriculture, agribusiness management, and the latest trends in agricultural research. These sessions provided attendees with valuable insights and practical information to enhance their farming practices and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

With an impressive attendance of 81,945 visitors over the 4-day showcase, NAMPO once again demonstrated its resounding success and remained a definite highlight of the year for agricultural enthusiasts.

Ag Aviation Africa is grateful for the platform that allowed us to connect with our target audience, elevate brand visibility, and acquire many valuable industry insights.

Looking forward, our company is committed to further empowering African farmers by delivering top-notch products and services, and we eagerly look forward to participating at NAMPO Harvest Day again next year!



More about AG Aviation Africa (AAA):

AG Aviation Africa (AAA) proudly holds the exclusive distribution rights for Air Tractor aircraft throughout Africa, establishing itself as a crucial partner to farmers, operators, and farming communities across the continent.

With a well-established infrastructure and a robust supplier network, AAA delivers an array of essential services to the agricultural aviation sector, including Air Tractor sales and comprehensive after-sales support, Aircraft Financing, Leasing, and Insurance solutions, an extensive Aircraft Maintenance Support Network, comprehensive Pilot and Engineer Training programs, and a reliable Parts and Spares distribution service.

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